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EIN / Tax ID: 84-2218076

Attn PTO, 257 Mountain Ave. Malden MA 02148

Membership and Meetings

You may already be a member: All parents, guardians, and educators at the ELC are voting members of our organization! Per our bylaws: "Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the school may be a member and shall have one vote per student folder. The principal and anyone employed at the school may be a member and have one vote each."

Meetings are now virtual! There are Google Meet links in the event details on the calendar above.


MA Teachers spend an average of $451 on their classrooms out-of-pocket. There is a federal tax deduction for up to $250. In recent years the PTO has reimbursed between $150 and $250 of out-of-pocket expenses. Until this year, we would announce reimbursement caps and reimburse teachers only at the end of the school year, when we knew how much we had raised. Some teachers had lost their receipts by then and made new purchases just to not "waste" our contribution. This year, we began rolling reimbursements, so teachers can purchase what they need, when they need it, without having to wonder if and when they'll see that money. We need your help to cover their expenses and make their classrooms as amazing as possible for our kids!

What have we helped teachers buy?

  • A wide variety of basics like folders, dividers, tissues, wipes, hand sanitizer, napkins, tubs, ziploc bags, power cords, pencils, markers, crayons, highlighters, chalkboards, erasers, page protectors and laminating packs, batteries, organizers, post-its, bags and clips, sponges, tape, tablecloths, and timers.

  • Sensory consumables like tasteables and spices, kinetic sand, and more durable sensory play kits, cds, instruments and headphones.

  • A variety of toys, from simple blocks, magnet-tiles, marbles, and fidget toys, to more advanced games, puzzles, alphabet and reading aids, books, a construction site dramatic play set, and even a solar system kit.

  • Many craft needs like paper, card stock, greeting cards, glue, cloth, socks (for puppets?), clothes pins, trays, garden soil, velcro, visors, shaving cream, and hair extensions.

  • Some bought specialized items like an early speech therapy kit.

  • For some non-verbal students, their IEPs include using snacks for motivation.

  • Newer teachers especially bought classroom decor like wall calendars, charts, presentation mats, table cloths, hooks, baskets, and boxes.


Pre-pandemic, the PTO paid for some fun activities across all classrooms:

  • Butterfly kits let kids observe caterpillars turning into butterflies over the course of a few weeks,

  • Curious Creatures: Kids learn respect and appreciation for exotic and unusual animals with their hands-on live animal program.

What can you share or suggest for this year?


As parents and caregivers of young children, we all have a lot in common already. To help families get to know each other, we've hosted a few fun activities outside of school hours:

  • Welcome slush party on back-to-school night to meet families and play with new friends,

  • Family Book Swap, coordinating with Favorite Book Day at the school,

  • Multicultural Potluck,

  • Yoga Night,

  • Summer slush party so you can exchange contact info and set up play dates.

What shall we do in this socially distant year? We want your ideas!

Fundraising and Budget

We became a non-profit last year, and raised enough funds to bring Curious Creatures back. This year we may need to use those funds to help our educators cope with the pandemic, or just to ease up on fundraising from families in hard economic times.

Due to the pandemic, we missed our April annual meeting, and did not pass a budget for FY 2021. We will propose a draft budget at the Oct 28 Meeting, and hope to pass it in November.

Please Donate!

You can donate by check made out to "Malden ELC PTO" or in cash. You can give donations to your child's teacher or to the main office. Checks and cash are free to us.

Online donations are very helpful too. Thank you for your gift!